Saving a Dying Sport that Allows Young Teams Like Lancashire junior Football bring out The Best in Them

With a lot of cases reported about repeated concussions or commonly known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (C.T.E.), football is now being questioned when it comes to safety. Medias nowadays have reported numbers of injuries regarding this football tragedy.

This article will not cover the medical and scientific aspect of this case, instead, how these reports affect the game that most people love.

As mentioned, concussions are more common in football players, may they be professional or amateurs. According to studies, when one person suffers from such incident, there’s a possibility that he will suffer from it again. This requires a long term recovery and can be linked to head trauma and other brain-related diseases such as C.T.E.

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Assuming this, most people should have stopped playing this as this can hurt and cause injuries. However, contradicting to this assumption are the people who continuously patronize this sports.

Emotionally, this sport brings the competitive side of every players and viewers and financially, this sport generates billions of revenues and supporters. So, how can this sport even die?

Amidst all the controversies, it is true that such sports are nowhere near extinction however, the mothers of every aspiring football players are stopping them. There are a lot of football teams that consist of young adults such as Lancashire junior football. But most mothers, even those who are avid fans of this sport, will most likely avoid such sports for their child since these are deemed to be very dangerous. If this persists to happen, there’s a possibility that this sport will be killed in its youth. Also, financial threats are visible. There are numerous lawsuits that appear in regards with these issues.

However, the problem here is not to save a sport that is known to be dangerous but, a sport that everyone enjoys and loves.